It was a pleasure to work with Gloria as she helped us revamp our website. She gave us advice on web layout, branding, content and wrote new content for some of the web pages. She has a keen eye for detail and the little things that oftentimes go unnoticed. Gloria was quick to respond and flexible to our desires when we wanted to change our strategy. As a former member together in Toastmasters International, I can also attest to her leadership and communication skills and her passion for seeing others grow and develop. I would happily recommend Gloria’s services! ~ Joseph M. Wietecha III,
Certified Financial Planner Practitioner, Lexington Financial

Gloria’s ability to take my mental concept and manifest it into a finished marketing product was epic! ~ Mark A. Johnson, High Impact Anti-Bullying Workshop

Gloria is very creative and excels in written communications. She made great contributions to the company in her revamping of current websites and creation of training materials. Gloria uses her Focus and Communication Talents to seek out Associates and address their needs in an efficient manner. Site leaders regularly applauded her for awesome customer service response to their issues. Gloria knows how to use her Strengths in planning, organizing and analyzing her work with great accuracy. She becomes intimately involved with all aspects of her job and goes beyond her assigned role. As her manager, I could always depend on her for support and backup in times of need, and I would happily recommend Gloria.
~ Natasha McGrath, Human Resource Manager, NWCU – Northwest Community Credit Union (former manager at Marriott Vacations Worldwide)

Gloria is an experienced business professional with a strong HR background and expertise in public speaking and presenting. She is also a Distinguished Toastmaster (20 years) with over 100 speeches and presentations under her belt. She is a well-organized, caring person who is always giving back with her long history of volunteering and mentoring. As my mentor at Toastmasters, I can personally attest to her passion for helping others grow and learn. I would highly recommend Gloria, as she would be an asset to anyone’s team.
~ Randall LaBranche, Owner, Team Training Unlimited

Gloria was a joy to work with and have supporting my team at Universal. She was always looking for more effective ways of accomplishing our team goals and incredibly reliable in her role. She was continuously diligent and handled her workload efficiently and without the typical supervision or oversight. She handled all tasks, both large and small with ease and independence and they were always handled correctly.
~ John DeCrotie, Owner, Group Travel Consultants (former manager, Universal Orlando Resort)

First of all, Gloria exhibited her caring heart by selflessly volunteering to copyedit the District 84 Toastmasters Newsletter this year. (2012) Her passion for professionalism has helped the District to produce a top-quality publication. Gloria has an “eagle eye” for detail, and her great knowledge and skills are invaluable. I could always count on her for a quick turnaround when we needed to get to press. I can’t express how much I appreciated her as a collaborator during my year as Chief Editor. Gloria was my A.C.E. in the hole! Awesome-Copy-Editor! Thank you Gloria for being a FABULOUS addition to the District and the Newsletter! Any company would be very lucky to have your creativity and talent in their communications department, or anywhere else for that matter!
~ Karen Alford Willett, Director of Operations, CATALYST Mentoring