Love Lifts You

loveliftsyouI have heard it said that there are only two emotions in our universe, not good and evil, love and hate, but Love and Fear. Fear is the source of hatred and prejudice, as man fears that which is different from him. How do we rise above fear? I’m reminded of the Scripture in 1 John 4:18 which says, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives away fear. … The one who fears has not been perfected in love.”

Love lifts us above our fears. Love is like a hot air balloon that lifts us above all our earthly and imperfect fears, doubts, hatreds and prejudices. Love is fueled by our actions.

I had the joy of taking a hot air balloon excursion several years ago, and I can be afraid of heights in some situations! For some reason, I had no fears at all while in the passenger basket, even looking straight down at the treetops thousands of feet below. I think one of the reasons was that the whole experience felt totally surreal and as if I was floating in the heavens with angelic creatures! 2-14-2017-treetops


In this case, the most important angel was the pilot who was in charge of controlling the fuel that kept us aloft! The balloon has fuel and the pilot adjusts the fuel according to the situation, the winds, the temperatures and the atmospheric conditions. Likewise we need fuel to keep our emotional hot air balloon aloft as we sail through the clouds of life.

2-14-2017-balloon-fuelWhat is that fuel? Daily acts of love. Humanity tends to sink emotionally with the pull of the gravity of the circumstances that surround us from day to day. (You’ve heard that phrase: “The gravity of the situation.”) When we receive daily acts of love that act puts fuel into our “hot air balloon.” Likewise when we give daily acts of love, we get the fuel as well. Remember how good it feels to give as well as receive?

Today is Valentine’s Day and the media pulls most people into the “buy flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. routine.” But what about the other 364 days in the year? Valentine’s Day is not about making up for what failings you think you may have had the rest of the year. I read a blog today where the author said that her idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day was to clean the garage with her spouse! She wrote: “True love is getting up in the middle of the night to take care of sick kids.” Yes, isn’t it the small things in life that really count? All those little things that you do for your partner, friends or family on a daily basis. Being there 365 days a year is “true love.”

Hey, I’m certainly not against taking a day to orchestrate some romantic evening  (or morning) – but does it necessarily have to be on Valentine’s Day? That’s when it’s expected! Sometimes a surprise on a random Wednesday evening (“Hump Day!”) or any non-holiday can really put a smile on a face. And please, yes, more than once a year!

The love fuel is not necessarily restricted to doing for family and friends. Some of the best fuel can be when we do good deeds for others, especially anonymously. Today I was sitting on my patio drinking my morning tea and writing my blog, completely out of sight behind the wooden slat privacy fence. A sudden breeze gave me a sudden and very loud sneezing fit! Then I heard a voice from a passerby on the sidewalk outside the fence call out: “Bless you!” That put a smile on my face! I have no idea who it was, but she was inspired to call out a sneeze blessing! I smiled thinking, this is exactly what I’m writing about. Anonymous gestures.

So before the day is over, when you are driving on your way home, let that car ahead of you into traffic. Say a prayer for that person driving erratically (they may need it to save their life!). Tomorrow, hold a door for someone who looks different than you, and may not expect it. It may make a big impression. On Saturday, if you see some trash on the ground, pick it up. (I had to do that today, as I have no idea how a candy bag wrapper got in front of my gate – blown by the wind?)

Make it Valentine’s Day every day. Put some fuel into your hot air balloon of love and soar above all the fears that would drag you down. The air is great up here!


Make Every Moment Count

damien-miller-79-16When was the last time you contacted your friends? I don’t mean write them via Facebook Messenger app, although if the person lives overseas that Messenger sure comes in handy! When have you actually spoken to them or seen them? “I need to call so-and-so, it’s been a long time since we have been in contact.”

I really don’t believe in text conversations unless they are necessary for a valid reason, but on the night of January 11, I was having a VERY funny text conversation! Then my phone beeped with a Messenger alert. A close friend from the Bahamas, Elbert, had written me, “Sad news.” I thought, what now? I figured it was something mildly “sad” – but not tragic. He then proceeded to write that the body of a mutual friend of ours, Damien, who I’ve known more than 10 years, had been found beaten to death in Nassau! What??? I immediately texted my first friend that I would continue our conversation later! I went from giggling to being stunned, shocked and overcome with grief. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I dialed Elbert for more details – this situation required real conversation! Messaging was too cumbersome.

I met Damien Miller years ago, as we were both members of Toastmasters International’s District 47, composed of Florida and the Bahamas. Damien is from Nassau, Bahamas, a sweet young man whose smile would light up a room, a business owner, and a dynamic, award-winning speaker and leader in his Toastmasters District. I hadn’t seen him in a few years, since a past Toastmasters Conference, but we were in contact during October 2016 when Hurricane Matthew ravaged both our countries.

damien-at-eyeJust before Thanksgiving weekend, Damien contacted me to say he would be in Orlando that holiday weekend, so let’s get together! I was preparing to leave town so I didn’t have much time to spare, but we got together for a few hours on the afternoon of Sunday, November 27. Damien was so excited to see me! There seems to be an extra joy when visits happen unexpectedly. I wanted to take him to Universal CityWalk that night, but I did not have the time. Now, I wish I had made the time. He said he would come back in 2017 and we’d go! We also talked about some of his future plans and he said that he wanted to wait on some until his financial situation was better. I said, why wait for life? Seize the day! We parted ways with hugs, promising each other to go to CityWalk on his next visit.

Damien celebrated his 37th birthday on December 20, 2016. He was last seen on the morning of December 28, 2016. I don’t know when they found the body, but it was decomposed to a point that identification took until the second week of January 2017. Thanks to Facebook and other means, the news was spreading among Toastmasters friends the night of January 11, 2017.

I have known people who have died from cancer, but that you can see coming and prepare for. I have known people, actually two co-workers, who passed away suddenly from health issues, two weeks apart. Talk about a department being traumatized, we found out about the second death on the day of the first’s funeral! But to know a young, healthy person in the prime of life cut down by violence, was more than my spirit could take. I found myself sobbing over the senselessness of it. What made it even more bittersweet was that I had just seen him only six weeks earlier! I am grieved that he suffered this horrible death and hope for the guilty to be caught.

I am so glad that I saw this young man in November. The irony was that we had been talking about future events and future plans, that now were not going to come to pass. I regret not somehow finding the time to go out to CityWalk with him.

damiens-memory-bookDamien’s funeral service was yesterday and Elbert, along with many Toastmasters District and Regional leaders, attended the service. Elbert shared with me the pastor’s sermon message: “Make the most of your time on this earth for a fruitful life! Make every moment and day count. Live every day as if it’s your last.” Damien did that for sure.

I echo this message and remind you now: cherish everyone and every moment every day and not put off the joys of life until a future day that may not come. Seize the day!

I also learned that I need to check Facebook more often. This past Thursday night I logged in to discover that another friend, a former hairdresser of mine, had been found dead of a heart attack last Saturday! I had missed his funeral service, which was during the day on Thursday. Rennie would have been 59 next month.

What??? This is not the way to start a New Year!

I decided last night to call one of my friends to see how he was and tell of the recent events. My New Year’s resolution: I’m going to be making a lot more phone calls!

Take time to appreciate your loved ones and make every moment count. Seize the day. It is a gift and why we call it – the present.

Go for the Gold

Olympic blogNewsflash: All Americans agree on a topic!

What? That’s a big statement, especially during election year!

But it’s true. All Americans root for the USA Olympic teams. (I certainly hope so, I have not Googled “anti-Olympics” and don’t intend to.)

This was an Olympics where the United States achieved the third most medals ever won: 121; and 46 of those Gold. How proud this makes us!

This was 17 days where many of us found ourselves glued to the television, internet or social media cheering on our national teams. I have to say my favorites were “The Final Five,” the US women’s gymnastics team! Special mention to our track and swimming teams!

Through the wonders of technology, I even “virtually watched” some events along with a Bahamian friend of mine as we chatted via Messenger. I laughed at his exuberance as his country’s athletes triumphed! Another friend of mine laughed and told me today that he feels like he hasn’t gotten anything done these past two weeks. Good thing the Olympics happens in 4-year intervals!

Congratulations to my Team USA! Congratulations to all Olympians who competed – whether you went home with a medal or not, you are winners by virtue of being there. And a special shout-out to my Jamaican and Bahamian friends, for the individual and collective achievements of your teams! 🙂

There are three main lessons I believe we can learn from the Olympics: to strive for personal best, to learn to work together as a team and to practice the spirit of the Olympic games.

Watching the Olympics highlights tonight, it was just mind-boggling to see the personal, Olympic and world records that were broken! Phelps, Ledecky and Bolt especially come to mind. Ledecky is at the early stages of her Olympic career, while Phelps and Bolt are ending their careers in blazes of glory.

But it’s not all about winning. Not everyone will go home with a medal. Some came so close but missed by a fraction of a second or were disqualified. It is important to learn how to lose graciously, without enmity and resolve to keep trying and doing one’s best. Focusing on personal best is something we all need to do, whether we are an Olympic athlete or not.

Teamwork is also key in life. The Olympics should teach us something profound right there. Working together for a common goal.

I think of the track and field relay race and how important split-second timing is to this event. There is a science and strategy to how they place the runners, on which leg they place them. They are placed where their strengths can be used to the best. The runners need to be attuned to each other to complete the handoff without error. What better metaphor can we use to compare to how life should be lived?

North SotuhWhich leads me to my third point: practicing the spirit of the Olympics, by going not just for the gold, but for The Golden Rule. “Do to others as you would have done to you.” While in other parts of the planet people are killing each other, in Rio, countries put aside their political ideologies to compete in the purity of sports. They treat each other by The Golden Rule, living and working with one another in harmony. One golden moment reported during TV coverage was when two women athletes, one from North Korea and one from South Korea took a “selfie” together. How poignant! This is what Olympic spirit is all about.

There is so much that we can learn from the Olympics. Why can’t this be practiced 365 days a year? Every year, not just in 4-year intervals. There’s no reason why we can’t. It’s the personal decision of each human being on this planet.

Go for The Golden Rule. Incorporate these three goals into your life: reaching for personal best, practicing teamwork and living The Golden Rule. If we all do this, we all will win far much more than a medal.

Step Outside Your Box

Power2ImprovI’m checking off another Bucket List item! This summer, I’m learning how to do improv theater! Trust me, I don’t aim to be at the level of Wayne Brady and his colleagues, Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Those men are pure genius, but local level improv is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I found an improv theater in town that offers classes, but they were a bit too expensive for my taste. I put that Bucket List item on the back burner for a far off future date. Then by sheer luck, this spring I found a free class! Thumbs up! That’s more like it!

It’s an 8-week class meeting once a week, and at the end of the sessions we will perform a public show! By no means are we practicing routines as hard as what they do on the TV show, but the exercises and games are really forcing us to think outside the box. During some classes I’ve almost felt like my brain was turning inside out, which may have been the sensation of new neural synapses being built. Of course there are the times where a fellow student will do something that makes you laugh so hard that you have an uncontrollable giggle fit that brings tears to your eyes.

Performing in class is one thing, it’s the thought of the public showcase that does give me a little trepidation. I am very familiar with being on-stage and being a public speaker having been in Toastmasters International for so many years, and I have no fear of that, but that’s when I knew what I was going to say. Improv is totally spontaneous. I want a life-changing experience? Wait until that showcase! That will really push me outside my “box.” Of course when the curtain rises, I won’t have time to think about being nervous, I’ll just have to, “Do or do not,” as Yoda would say.

How often do you challenge yourself? How often do you challenge your brain or body to do something it’s never done before? How good at you at improvising when the unexpected happens?

Most of us prefer it when life goes by smoothly without major challenges, such as flat tires, traffic tickets or an unexpected injury. However, we can’t expect life to always be smooth. Even a conversation can have its twists. Imagine your significant other popping the Big Question, or your spouse asking for a divorce, or announcing: “We’re pregnant!” What happens when your boss or a client puts you on the spot?

It’s time to develop some improv style thinking!

The beauty of improv theater is that there is never a wrong answer. As long as you are confident and can sell your answer, you are correct.

That is not going to happen in real life – usually there is a right or wrong answer. How you react could make all the difference. This is why you need to develop your thinking skills.

There are some students in my class that I was puzzled upon meeting. They were so quiet and shy! What were they doing in an improv class? Obviously they desired to push themselves and step outside their comfort zones, and so should you.

Yes, I suggest you to Google if you have any improv classes in your local area, but if there are not, look for some venue where you can stretch your brain and think outside the box. For example, join a Toastmasters club!

I will miss my improv class so much, I may do the class over again! Hmm, maybe I should wait until after the showcase!

What’s on your Bucket List? Be brave, enlarge your comfort zone and step outside your box!

A Week of Terror

6 18 16 police lineThe week of terror really began for me on Wednesday, June 8 with a large and unexpected car bill that came about from simply being in the wrong place, at the wrong time and all while working for a client. Not elaborating, but no serendipity or good fortune here!

This left me in a sour state at the end of that week. Then on Saturday morning, June 11, I woke to hear about the singer Christina Grimmie who was shot and killed the night before after a concert at The Plaza Live theater in Orlando. Ironically I had just driven by the entertainment venue on Wednesday. Hmm, sad story.

Saturday afternoon, I was working at my desk at 3:00 PM when I noticed that a police helicopter kept circling over my block. My desk faces the window so I can see the sky, trees and a bit of the large retention pond on property. I could see him repeat the same tight circle over my street, over and over again. The continual whirring was getting on my nerves, besides also hearing approaching police sirens. I knew this meant nothing good.

At 3:25 PM I got up and went to my bedroom window, which would give me a view of the parking area and anything going on outside. To my dismay there was a police car, two officers and one huge bloodhound dog right outside my building! A police car is strategically blocking the exit to the main road. Oh no, not on my street! Surveying the scene, I also noticed a black car parked 12 feet from my gate that did not belong there. In fact, that parking spot belonged to an older woman very possessive about her parking spot! Hmm.

The police had the dog sniff the inside of the strange, black car and I thought, ah! doggie will track down the fleeing perpetrator! More police appear, one with a very large rifle! The tune to “Bad Boys, Bad Boys” starts going through my head. Ironically, a dove, the universal symbol of peace, lands on my roof and starts cooing. I suppose he was trying to diffuse the mood of the situation.

It’s now 4:30 PM, I want to work on my projects and I also am getting hungry for dinner, but I’m on a stakeout! 4:45 PM I stepped outside to ask the two nice policemen standing outside my door, what’s up? The story was that the black car had been carjacked at gunpoint and police had tracked the carjacker here. Had I seen anything? Oh wow, no, but the woman who owns that spot will be mad when she comes home! Look! Here she comes! She had to park very far away and she has difficulty walking.

Meanwhile, while everyone is in suspense on my street, there was drama going on two buildings behind me. I got the full story from an eyewitness two days later.

The armed carjacker had abandoned the stolen car in front of my place, run down the sidewalk alongside my building and was knocking on doors in the buildings behind me seeking a place of refuge. I am SO glad he did not seek refuge with me! He finally picked up a heavy object that was on a patio and used it to break the glass sliding door to enter the kitchen of one unit. The tenant in the living room heard the crash and ducked behind the sofa to hide. He saw the gunman enter and was fearful that if seen he would be shot.

The gunman stood and listened to determine if anyone was home; thinking the coast was clear, he stepped back outside for a minute. At this moment, the tenant took the opportunity to run up the stairs to the guest bedroom where his roommate was. They locked the bedroom door from the inside, and were frozen in fear when the gunman returned, came upstairs and tried the door but didn’t force it! They were locked in the bedroom for three hours while the gunman paced around upstairs between the other bedroom and the bathroom.

Back to my place, it’s getting close to 5:30 PM and my next-door neighbor comes out to see what is going on. At the same time, the woman who had to park so far away also showed up. I was telling the ladies what I knew when another officer approached us and told us to get inside for our safety. Yes sir!

Now the police were stringing up crime scene tape to block off the car. Yes, they did tie a yellow plastic ribbon around an old oak tree! They also strung tape across the end of the parking area. My car was one of the very few trapped inside the lines. I’m so glad I didn’t have plans to go out that night.

I was wondering if they had strung the tape close across my gate and if I could exit on foot if need be, so I slipped cautiously out of my gate to see exactly where the tape was. Just then an officer in full camouflage gear and a really big rifle came around the corner! Scared the “bleep” out of me! I jumped back like a frog and said, I’m staying inside!

It was 6:00 PM, when I heard a voice over a bullhorn repeating: “This is the Orlando police, come out with your hands in the air.” O M G! He sounds close by, but I am not sure at what building they are standing down. I had been texting for the past two hours with two of my friends giving them the play-by-play. One friend had tuned into local news online and told me at 6:07 PM, “You’re neighborhood is on the news. He is apparently holding two people hostage.” Double O M G!

That’s when then gunfire started. I am now in a combat zone! Why am I hearing all this gunfire if he has two hostages? There was a great deal of noise and crashing sounds. What was happening?

Back in the upstairs bedroom where the two roommates cowered in fear, they had previously called 911 and alerted police to where the gunman was hiding out. The hostages became parched from the heat and from being scared for so long. I’m not even sure the gunman knew they were in that upstairs bedroom.

The police told the hostages that SWAT was going to crash through the patio fence and corral the gunman, and to be aware this was going to happen. The second roommate whispered, “When they crash through and cause a distraction, we are going to jump off the balcony onto the SWAT truck and get away!” (That’s a little crazy and I would have told the police I was going to jump, because it’s not good to startle the police!)

The SWAT truck crashed through the fence. The hostages shocked the police by jumping from the balcony onto the SWAT truck, and running away as fast as they could. SWAT tear-gassed the condo and captured the wounded gunman.

At 8:00 PM two State Troopers came by to take more photos of the stolen car. I called to them from my balcony and asked if they had captured the guy. “Yes,” the Trooper smiled. “You can sleep safe now and a tow truck is coming to take the car away.” I will be set free from crime tape soon!

Around 10:00 PM I figured things would be quieted down by now so I went outside and down the pathway to see if I could find where all the action had gone down. I found the location, but there was still a police presence, lights and a large truck, so I hid behind an SUV and quickly snapped a photo. I could see a knocked down fence, but because of the darkness could not see all the damage.

Whew! That ended my Saturday evening. The Trooper told me I could sleep safely now.

Sunday morning I awoke to a text from a friend with a link about a mass shooting. What? For a moment I thought they were writing about the Friday shooting. I already had enough shooting on Saturday! Then I clicked on the link and read the news with horror. I quickly turned on the TV to see the coverage of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

I was stunned beyond words. I thought that I was going to have the big, exciting story to tell my friends, but in my drama fortunately there were no deaths. Sunday afternoon I went back to the condo where my police action had taken place and was amazed to see the damage in the daylight! I can assure you SWAT does not mess around! I wondered if the SWAT team that worked at Pulse was the same team who had been at my place only 12 hours earlier. What a weekend for Orlando SWAT!

On Monday, just by coincidence, I met my neighbor who had been held hostage and he gave me all the details I wrote above. I was certainly glad to learn the full story and give thought to how we always need to be aware of our surroundings and our safety.

Sunday’s massacre eclipsed my story by far. But this was too much violence – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each day that followed, along with everyone else, I  was tuned to the news for more revelations about the terrorist and updates on the victims. As details emerged of bravery and compassion, and tragedy and heartbreak as families searched for their loved ones, everything felt surreal. When I turned on the national evening news and realized, oh, they are broadcasting from Orlando? Anderson Cooper is in town? This is crazy!

Aurora, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino – all those places were far away. No one ever thinks something like this would happen in their own town. I passed through the intersection where Pulse is located every week when I traveled to the east side of Orlando. Seeing online news coverage of cities around the world showing their support to Orlando – #OrlandoStrong – #PrayForOrlando – #OrlandoUnited – was extremely eerie and surreal – like a very bad dream.

I had a friend send me a message via Facebook, “Are you Safe?” I was also hoping that a friend of mine had not been at the club. I marked myself Safe and saw other Friends, including that one, marking themselves as well. Who would have thought I would ever have to do that? I never imagined I would change my Profile Photo to reflect a tragic national incident. I posted: “More Love. Less Hate.”

This incident is drawing a line in the sand and revealing people for who they are inside. Comments I’ve seen posted online, cruel texts I’ve been made aware of, written by people that I know, make me know who I want to remain friends with and who I don’t want to be friends with. I just can’t fathom the hatred shown by so many. Yet also there is love and compassion flowing as strangers reach out to their fellow human beings and honor the memory of those who were killed.

Why is it so easy for these things to happen in America? Isn’t obvious there need to be changes?

Why do humans never seem to learn?

That which humans do not understand, that which is different, they fear and hate. We’ve seen it all through history, man’s inhumanity to man. When do we learn that ALL humans bleed red? Underneath, we all have a soul, a spirit, we all deserve respect.

Then on Wednesday we had the Disney gator incident. Sigh.
I got a text about that. I said, that’s it, that’s enough grief for one week! No more bad news!

We are wounded in spirit, but we will survive.

We are #OrlandoStrong. We are #OrlandoUnited.

What the world needs is: More Love. Less Hate.

Are you hating or are you loving?

Stay safe.

Finding Your Calling

Ten career pathsIt’s that time of year when proud students – high school and college – celebrate their graduation. Seems like yesterday, because I can still remember both of mine vividly!

It’s a different world now, economically, socially and technologically. Now, graduates can Google career advice and job searching advice. They can apply for jobs from the comfort of their laptop, tablet or even their smart phone. But can they Google their talents and skills, like and dislikes? They may have an interest or love for a particular field, may pass an aptitude test, but still that may not be the best career choice for them.

You usually know what you like, but equally as important is what you don’t like. Sometimes you don’t know until you try it. That can be a tricky prospect if you take a job and then find out: OMG, what was I thinking? You really don’t want that. Better to explore a future career on a short-term basis.

That’s where internships fill a very important role in giving a person an idea of what doing that job is like. Remember the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada?” This past year the concept of internships was updated for modern times. In the movie, “The Intern” Robert DeNiro portrays a 70-year-old widower who seeks to fill his days purposefully. Great movie!

Not everyone is in a position to obtain an internship, but another way to explore possibilities is through volunteer positions or short-term assignments through a staffing agency.

What do you want to do? What don’t you want to do?

This month I had the opportunity to work on a business project I had done several times before. It was a repeat client. It was even a type of job I had toyed with the idea of doing on a full-time basis.

Not after this past month. We were busier than we had ever been in the past and I found my perspective changing. I knew that I definitely did not want to pursue that type of work on a full-time, long term basis! That is a valuable bit of information!

I even gained a new-found sense of appreciation for those who do that particular work as a full-time career!

Everyone has their own unique strengths and should play to those strengths. I’m not saying that you are going to have a career where you love every single minute. I hope you do. But realistically, there might be that one small function that doesn’t rock your boat. That’s OK, you just don’t want to be hating getting out of bed in the morning.

Eliminating a prospective career is a key step in the discovery process for job seekers. Make a list of things you like to do, but also things you don’t like to do. Determine how important those things are to you. Are they deal breakers? Think about it.

It’s also never too late if you find yourself in a job that just isn’t you. Be true to yourself.

If it’s not calling, odds are it’s not for you.

Choose a Seat, Find a Friend

4 30 16 ReservePersonal space – part two! Last month I wrote about the battle between the human need for personal space and privacy versus the human need for connection. I used as an example that people tend to put space between each other when choosing seats at events. Now there is a new technology forcing us to sit close to one another!

There are new types of movie theaters where moviegoers are required to choose their seat at time of purchase. It’s the same principle as assigned seats at performance theaters and sports events. If you really want that third row/center seat for your favorite summer blockbuster you can even reserve it online days ahead of time! Just be prepared to pay a small fee for that!

I really don’t know why this is a trend for the new deluxe movie theaters; I need to ask! Maybe it’s a “luxury theater” sort of thing. My local theater went through a massive renovation recently, including BarcaLounger type seats and instituted the reservation policy at the time.

I like to sit close to the screen and in the center. The first time I visited the theater my ideal spot was open, but next to some seats marked “taken.” It turned out to be an elderly couple seated in the seats to my right. (By the way, I found this fact eye opening and amusing since the movie was the final installment in The Hunger Games series. Never judge a person by their age! They just might appreciate the “Young Adult” genre!)

I was trying to figure out how to raise the BarcaLounger footrest. Observing my quandary, the woman seated next to me showed me where the button was. Already there was a positive to having someone close by for help! We had friendly conversation before the movie started, and that was that.

Since my last blog, I had another encounter at the movies. I was at the concession stand getting my indulgent popcorn bucket when the cashier asked the man in line next to me what his order was. He quickly chuckled and said, “Oh no, we’re not together!” to the cashier. He and I continued to make small talk while the cashier fetched my popcorn.

Before going to the theater section however, I decided to make a stop at the restroom (it was going to be a long movie!). Afterwards, upon entering Theater 20 and looking for my seat, I smiled to myself to see that same man seated two seats over from mine! He looked up and started laughing. “What were the odds on this?” he chuckled. It would have really been funny if he had the seat next to mine! (No, we’re really not together!) We continued our conversation about the new seating process and about the movie we were about to see.

After a while, another man came in, laden with popcorn and soda, and proceeded to sit in the seat in between me and my new friend, Robert. This made it a little difficult to have further conversation! The second man was checking his cellphone and was unconcerned about our conversation. Interestingly, he got up halfway through the movie and never came back.

When the movie was over, I said to Robert, “I wonder what happened with this guy? He even left a nearly full bag of popcorn!” Robert theorized, “Maybe he was called away for an emergency.” We’ll never know. It was interesting that there was a stranger who had intersected our circle of personal space and we had curiosity over his life and fate. We would never wonder about such things if the person had sat elsewhere.

This intersection of lives happened only because of the choices of the individuals involved. We all had wanted to sit third row and center and we did not care if there would be anyone next to us. Prior to this reservation system, we probably would have moved subtly over a seat or two.

We are an obedient species. When told to select a seat, we do so, and sit in that seat, regardless if there might be another human being next to us. Oh my goodness! What if we dared to move into another seat? Would the theater police come and arrest us?

It’s interesting how technology is bringing us closer, and we don’t seem to be minding it. I’ve only had pleasant encounters so far, and I certainly hope all future ones are pleasant! What repercussions could this new system have? Could people make new friends? Could people find their significant other? Could someone make a contact that will give them a lead on a new job? What if you are forced to sit next to someone of a demographic that perhaps you might have bad opinions about? Will you sit there in peace? Will it give you a new perspective? The possibilities are endless.

So to whomever you are who invented this new system – thank you! Thank you for bringing us closer and maybe breaking down some of the barriers between people. We all know for certain that there are plenty of people right now trying to create division and animosity, let’s not stoop to hate and fear.

Maybe the answer to world peace is – go to the movies!

Enjoy the show!

Personal Space: Crash or Connect

3 28 16 chairsHappy Easter! Happy Spring!

I visited a new church this Easter Sunday. Walking down the aisle, I had my eye on a particular seat, but a gentleman got there before me. Impulsively, I did the one thing that most people wouldn’t do – I entered the row and sat down next to him, while at the same time smiling and making the quip, “Oh, I was scoping out that seat! But you beat me to it!”

Why was this unusual? People in our American society like to put at least one space between them and a stranger. When we go to a movie theater we have our row that we like to sit in, but what if someone is in our territory? Do we compromise our desires and sit elsewhere or fight that isolationist instinct and sit next to or close to the stranger? Hey, they’re really not a stranger, they are another Star Wars fan who likes to sit up close to the screen too!

I remember years ago when I rode the bus back and forth to work, each seat would be filled and people even stood, hanging onto poles or straps. Then, the luxury of isolationism fell away. Of course now wherever you go, whether on public transport or in public places, people shut out others by wearing ear pods to listen to music or talk to others on the phone. (As if I really want to hear your private conversation, lady!)

We put up “walls” all the time, while maybe deep inside we wish we could feel free to touch another human in kindness. A very sweet woman who I met at the art museum last month ended our conversation by giving me a little hug, a kiss on the cheek and said: “I’m Latina! I hug!”

Was that an explanation of her actions as way of excuse or a strong statement about her nature? What made her feel the need to say that? I knew she was Latina and knew that was characteristic of the culture. I loved the warmth of her expression. It needed no excuse or reason.

Each culture is different as to their etiquette on personal space. There is no right or wrong, no global standard, so we must be aware to respect those differences. Suffice to say that whatever enables human beings to relate to each other with openness, love and trust – that is the way to act. Be culturally aware of acceptable behavior and how personal space is defined, but don’t feel like we always need to fear interaction.

In the powerful 2006 Best Picture Oscar-winning movie “Crash,” the term “crash” is a metaphor for the collisions between strangers in the course of day-to-day existence; a social commentary on the interconnectedness of life in the big city of Los Angeles.

In the opening line of the movie, a main character reflects: “It’s the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We’re always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.”

Do we crash into each other? Not in cars, but in outbursts of rage and emotion because we keep so much emotion unexpressed and we feel out of touch? Are we surrounding ourselves with a bubble, not of metal and glass, but of chair spaces and social media obsession?

We can Tweet and Link and Friend, but do we really spend quality time with each other? The human psyche yearns for a true connection. Science is now proving that real human interaction, touch and compassion is nearly as vital to healthy existence as food and water. Human touch is scientifically proven to change physiology.

I cringe every time I see a family or group of friends at a restaurant table and everyone is on their cellphone instead of conversing with each other. Don’t we all need some human touch?

There is so much fear and violence in the world now. Just this weekend with the Easter bombing in Pakistan added to the recent bombings in Europe, I was shaking my head in disbelief.

We need to overcome our fear that masquerades as shyness and reach out to our fellow members of the human race. Show a genuine interest in the book your fellow bus passenger is reading. Surprise someone by buying the coffee for the person behind you in line. Take your nose out of your smart phone and look at the beauty around you and the people around you. You could be in line at Starbucks and catch the eye of a cute guy or gal in line – but only if you: “Put the phone down!”

People are hungry for human contact. I wonder about all the people committing crimes against humanity and wonder when did they last feel love, feel compassion, or receive a hug?

Let’s stop crashing through life and make a real connection with our fellow brothers and sisters on this planet.

As Albert Schweitzer wrote: “Man can no longer live for himself alone. We must realize that all life is valuable and that we are united to all life. From this knowledge comes our spiritual relationship with the universe.”

The Gift of Extra Time

2 29 16 Twenty nineWhat would you do with an extra day?

Everyone always says that they wish they had more time to do all the things they have to do.

Corporate employees and entrepreneurs alike seek time management courses, but ultimately everyone on the planet has 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, and 365 days a year.

If you had the gift of an extra day, what would you do with it?

Tomorrow, February 29, you do!

Every four years, an extra day is added to February in order to keep our calendar and clocks in sync with the Earth’s orbit around the sun. Well, there’s actually another rule about what happens on the century mark, but most of us don’t have to worry about that!

It’s Monday so most people will be working, but if you really had the choice what would you do with this time?

Would you do something for yourself? Take a spa day, enjoy a favorite meal or have a Netflix binge?

Would you do something with your family or loved one? A day in a theme park or a romantic getaway?

Or would you devote that time to community service, volunteering that day to help others less fortunate than you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Leap Year Day was a holiday where everyone could choose to use this gift of time according to his or her choice?

If you think about it, each day you have a choice of how you will use your time. Time is one thing that we cannot get back.

I recently read an anonymous quotation that impacted me greatly: “Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.”

Don’t take time for granted, on Leap Year Day or any day. Make the best use of every hour.

Carpe diem. Seize the day.
I like the more literal translation of the Latin: “pluck the day as it is ripe.”

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the moment and make it count.

What’s Your Intention?

1 31 16 Intention ChartOne month of 2016 has gone by. How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? I’ve been thinking lately about the use of the word “intention” as I hear so many people proclaim: “I live a life of intention!” What does that really mean?

Maybe intention is not “the big deal.”

Consider this, a New Year’s resolution is something you intend on doing. It’s an intention. Yet how many resolutions fall by the wayside by the first quarter of the year if not sooner?

The definition of the word “intend” is “to have in mind.” Yes, this is where all creation begins. Some even say, “Thoughts become things.” Where I see so many of us fail is when we proclaim intentions both to ourselves and to others and then not follow through.

Let’s begin with ourselves. Have a long-term intention, but break it down into smaller pieces to make it actionable. It can be something as simple as: what do I want to get done this month? This week? Today? You can “intend” all you want, but if you don’t have an action plan … you won’t get anywhere. It’s just like taking a road trip without knowing which roads you need to take to get to your destination.

Action plans allow us a way to measure progress. I have read about the benefits of written “To Do” lists, which allow us to list our tasks and then mark them completed. The visual impact is powerful. Personally, I love writing a list on paper or dry erase board and then and drawing a line through the completed item. Yes, I also put them in my smart phone and then delete them, but then there is no visual reminder of what I have accomplished.

Do you ever feel as if you have not accomplished anything over a certain period of time? I recently sat down and wrote down all the things I needed to get done in the next month. At the end of the month, I looked at it and saw all the checked off items. That felt good!

Now that we have a way to bring our personal intentions to life, what about others? Do you tell people of your intention to do something for them or with them? Do you follow through? Do you tell your friends casually, “Oh, we must get together soon,” but never do?

How good is your word? There is an old saying, “A man is only as good as his word.” I learned a saying from a friend 20 years ago that I have since adopted as my motto: “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” In Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements, the First Agreement is: “To be impeccable with your word.” Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean.

A failed intention towards others is basically an unkept promise. Consider how you feel when others do not keep promises to you. If you say it, do it. As Yoda would say, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

What is your intention? Make a plan. Do it. Keep your word.

Set your goals for February.

Here’s a bonus: this year you get an extra day in February to reach that goal! Happy Leap Year!