The Seeds of Happy

IDOH March 20March has arrived like a lion, fast and furious, and all the people at Live Happy are hard at work promoting the United Nations International Day of Happiness on March 20. I took the Happy Acts challenge (go to Happy which is to perform at least one “Happy Act” per day and either post it, Tweet it or Pin it #HappyActs.

Wow, do we actually have to take an online challenge to ensure that we do something nice for someone every day? I would like to hope not. 

I am making the discovery that when I plant a “happy seed,” I get my own flowers blooming almost instantly. Or so it seems. I am a friendly and giving person anyway but I had started consciously looking for good deeds to do last week. It felt like a fun game.

Friday on my way to Whole Foods, I let a car into traffic on a busy road. Five minutes later after I had parked, I felt led to check my email before I went into the store. There was an email telling me I had a discount on something I needed at a certain store, but only available that weekend. My first thought was, “Oh darn, that store is in the opposite direction across town;” my second thought was, “Oh wait, there is a branch across the street from where I am now!” Convenient! I’m all for the two birds with one stone principle. I was happy!

This weekend a friend had invited me to join them on a little day trip excursion; they could have gone by themselves, but you know fun is always better when shared. I thought long and hard about this for several reasons, including the time that I needed to spend on other things, but opted to go on the fun excursion. Besides it was going to give us a chance to catch up on productive conversation.

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day, the breeze was exhilarating and there were new, fun activities we found to do at this local attraction. We also discovered the fun things we could do with the panorama feature on our camera phones! We went a little panorama crazy! I know this sounds a little silly but, isn’t life about the simple pleasures? We got some really spectacular photos!

Last night I was tired, but very happy that I had taken the time to enjoy fun and sunshine with my friend. The irony was that on this morning’s session of Wake Up Happy the featured speaker talked about the emotional benefits of getting out into nature and stimulating environments and especially sharing them with other people. That was certainly a confirmation of a well-made decision on my part!

So far I have found that the “game” of Happy Acts is a win-win game. When you plant the seed of making someone else happy, it will make you happy and you will reap unexpected blessings in return. You reap what you sow. Like a stone thrown into a pond, the ripples extend out further than we know.

Take the Happy Acts challenge and see what happens in your life. Then on March 20, don’t let the game end there. Let it continue the rest of the year and see what you reap. You can follow my Happy Acts this month at @gloriagrehl on Twitter. What will you do?


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