Create a Positive Habit

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Last month during the “Wake Up Happy” webinars (see the September 29, 2014 blog) Michelle Gielan shared these tips:

“Perform three actions for 21 days and create a habit.

  1. Send a positive email to someone you love about what they mean to you.
  2. Post a Tweet or Facebook about something positive.
  3. When someone asks how are you, respond briefly with a positive answer.”

These are great habits to cultivate, especially sending an email of appreciation to someone. A new friend of mine started an “appreciation game” asking others in our group to send a note of appreciation via postal mail to their loved ones and then share the results. I received a very hilarious card from Cristi, which was very interesting because while we are new acquaintances, she was exactly on target about what my humor would respond to! It gave me a big laugh! How did she know?

This exercise led me to Google the words “appreciation project.” Wouldn’t you know, you can find just about anything on the internet. Yes, there is such a movement; check it out at Global Appreciation Project. I will put this on my Bucket List to take part in!

There is also an official “smile project.” You can check it out at The Smile Project.

I notice a definite difference in my interactions when I go out in public with a smile and radiate positive vibes. I failed a little on that yesterday when out on a shopping errand. Even though karma had been in my favor allowing me to find a sizeable coupon before it expired that day, I still let some things get me cranky. Yes, I’m human and I have no problem admitting that. Something had set me askew. The important fact is that I noticed something was off, and my inner compass wanted to get back on track. That realization was a bit of a revelation. Once you start developing your positive self, when you do go off track, that nature notices and starts nudging you saying, “Hey, you’re going off track.” Many people go through their day not even aware they are grumpy. When you start exercising your “positive muscles,” that “muscle memory” is going to show up and help you. That’s a good feeling.

What “positive One-a-Day” habits are you practicing to develop your “positive muscle memory?” Positive input habits create positive output habits.

Next week the Live Happy people are doing another “Wake Up Happy” week. Start your day with 30 minutes of inspiration. Since we know there are people on the other side of the world who will be participating, in their case it will be “going to sleep happy!” Sign up at Wake Up Happy.

There are two other daily bits of positive nourishment that come my way. One is a very short email note, only a paragraph and easy to consume every morning. These are quirky, personalized messages of inspiration and wisdom. Mike Dooley’s Notes from The Universe.

Second is the Positively Positive newsletter, a daily digest of some of the most amazing blogs on positive living that I’ve ever read. Sadly, I don’t read all of their blogs every morning because my inner “to do” engine wants me to get up and start “doing” right away. But I am starting to think I need to create a new morning habit and spend an extra five or ten minutes reading each one, that’s how good they are! Here’s another Bucket List wish – that I become a blog contributor on Positively Positive!

Decide this week what positive habits you want to start practicing. Sign up for Wake Up Happy this week, and even if you miss the week’s program you can always join their movement anytime.

Sign up for Notes from The Universe.

Sign up for Positively Positive.

Create your own ritual or habit. Remember, positive input habits create positive output habits.

Get a pack of Post-it notes and leave happy notes in public places for people to find. Perform random acts of kindness. Show someone appreciation. When you leave the house, remember to compliment the first person you see and make them smile.

Do this for 21 days and create a habit.


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