Supermoon and Moonshine

SUPERMOONI hope you all got a chance to enjoy the supermoon last night. I was at my friend Suzy’s birthday party, sitting on the eastward facing deck watching the moonrise, surrounded by good company, enjoying scintillating conversation. The candles were glowing, the frogs croaking and it was a night for life lessons and stories told by new friends.

Suzy’s brother, Larry told us a story of an adventure he had during the time he lived in North Carolina. The locals warned him not to travel north and into the “wild country.” The people up there, they said, were likely to kill strangers!

Being skeptical of this harsh assessment, and being relatively fearless, armed with his faith in God, Larry drove off one day in search of adventure and the truth.

Driving through the woods he came upon an old house that looked like one of those haunted houses you see in a scary movie, but he decided to stop. An old woman sat in a rocking chair on the porch, her shotgun and bottle of moonshine at her side. Upon his approach, she stood up, picked up the gun, spat her tobacco juice and said in a deep, menacing, woodsy accent, “What der ya want?”

Facing down the shotgun, Larry cheerfully replied in one long breath, “Well, I’ve been told that the people up here are mean and nasty and more than likely to kill a stranger, but I don’t believe that. I believe that the folk here are really nice people if you get to know them, so I’m looking to meet the nice people who I believe you are one of.”

The old woman stared at him a moment, spat again, lowered the shotgun and gesturing to the other chair said, “Well, come on up!”

They sat on the porch together for a while chatting about simple things, until she asked, “Ya want sumptin’ to eat?” He was not going to refuse her hospitality even though he was certain that what was on the menu was most likely not vegetarian!

Just then, a rickety old pickup truck drove up the road and pulled over to the house. Two scruffy looking men jumped out with their shotguns. They glared with hostility at Larry and shouted, “What are ya doing?”

Immediately Grandma jumped to her feet with her gun in response and yelled back, “Shut up!” She spat, “This here’s my FRIEND and we were just fixin’ to eat. Now git up here if you want to eat!”

Their faces immediately softened and they said, “Well, alright then.”

It probably was possum for dinner.

What lessons can we learn here?

One lesson is: our perception creates our reality. If you meet someone and decide to focus on their negative qualities, then you will begin to notice more and more negative qualities. If, however, you meet someone and choose to focus on the positive, they will not seem as fearsome or troublesome.

We always get to choose how we see a person, place or a situation. Our perception determines our experience. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Another lesson: perfect love casts out fear. With love in his heart, Larry ventured into the unknown and emerged victorious.

What are you looking at that you perceive as negative?

This week change the way you look at situations or people. Look at them with more love. Put a little love in your heart. And the world will be a better place.

Listen here:  Put a little love in your heart.


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