Do I “Have” To?

8 4 14 i-get-to-image-280x186“Awww, Mom, do I have to?”
Mothers hear children whine about picking up their toys.
Adults moan on Sundays, “I have to sit in traffic driving to work tomorrow.”
We all complain, “I have to clean the house.”

Do you “have to” or do you “get to?”

Some children own only one toy.
(I found a very poignant photo gallery of children with their toys or lack of toys.)
Some adults take a bus to their jobs, and many adults are unemployed.
Some people are homeless and live on the streets.

Wouldn’t it be better to say: I get the toys I want!
(and yes, adults have their “big toys” too!)
I get to drive my car! (and I can afford to put gas in it!) I get to go to work and collect a paycheck!
I get to clean the house that keeps the rain off my head and that keeps me cool and out of the summer heat.

It’s all a matter of perspective!

One of the most powerful ways to change the “vibration” of your day is with an attitude of thankfulness. Wake up in the morning and think about all that is going right in your universe. That you had a bed to sleep in, a shower to wash in, a computer or smart phone to read your email and this blog on!

Rejoice that you get to take another breath, live another day and make it a grand adventure. Make it your intention today to be thankful that you get to do all that you do. And while you are at it, you get the opportunity to give someone a smile and brighten their day.

This week we get to have another shot at our dreams!


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