The Power of The Purge

6 14 2014 cleaning-in-progressSpring isn’t the only time of year to clean. The same way that the New Year is not the only time of the year to make a resolution. Carpe diem. Seize the day.

The Hay House Summit is finished and my brain is starting to de-compress. The room purging that I had begun while listening to the speakers is coming along, but maybe not as happily without the spiritual teachers in my ear!

In the seminars about health, there was plenty of talk about ridding the body of toxins. We can greatly improve our health by cleansing and starting better eating habits.

There was one seminar I listened to about feng shui.
I already was aware that visual clutter creates stress within us. I know I love it when my countertops are clear of clutter!
What the eye sees penetrates our spirit. I’m sure you’ve experienced the relaxed state you feel when you go on vacation and the sparkling clean spaces of the hotel room are so visually appealing and calming. Until we mess it up of course!

While sorting through things today, I started thinking about the parallels between physical cleaning and spiritual cleaning. Some of the items and papers I found had been carried with me from apartment to apartment, and then to condo.

I had to chuckle over some things that I found. Wow, I still had that? It’s been a lot easier to throw things away, maybe because my spirit has been revitalized this week.

What do we carry with us wherever we go? I heard a story one time of a man who moved to another city to start over, only to find that he had the same problems. He had brought his “baggage” with him in more ways than one.

The same way that we can clutter our living spaces, or harm our bodies by eating toxic food and drink, we can create blocks in our spirit with harmful thoughts and emotions. To clean these out requires a private, personal time of meditation and introspection.

Is there someone who we need to forgive?

Do we need to forgive ourselves?

Is there someone we hold resentment towards?

What are we ashamed of?

What is holding us back?

Release these feelings and embrace who we are.
Step into the light of a clean spirit.

There’s power in a purge.
Clean your environment, clean your body, clean your mind and spirit.
You’ll be glad you did!


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