What Do You REALLY Want?

6 7 2014 Squeeze_OrangeLast week I encouraged you to leave a legacy. First, however, we have to make sure that we are whole and filled, before we can give to others. This week I have been “filling up,” listening to the inspirational speakers on the 2014 Hay House World Summit. It’s been a feast for the mind and spirit! If you are not registered it’s not too late; there’s two more days left!
Hay House World Summit  

I feel like a bucket filled to the brim about to overflow! Or like a sponge that has been soaked to capacity. After this is over, there will need to be time for contemplation and “digestion.” It feels like Thanksgiving!

I gleaned nuggets of wisdom from each speaker, but one of my favorites so far has been from Dr. Wayne Dyer. I mentioned above that I felt like a soaked sponge. He introduced a profound metaphor in his Wednesday session. “When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out. What comes out when you are squeezed?” This is a sign of where you are as a person, in terms of how you react under pressure. Interesting, eh?

His session was entitled:
“How to Get What you Really, Really, Really, Really Want.”

Let me summarize briefly.
His says “really” four times because there are four steps:
wishing, desire, intention and passion.

Really #1: I really WISH I could have.this.

Really #2: I really DESIRE to have… this.

Really #3: I really INTEND to create… this in my life.

Really #4: I really am absolutely PASSIONATE about this and intend to make this happen.

Get your attention off of what currently is, and focus on what you want it to be.

And while you’re at it, be kind, to others and to yourself.

What you want will really, really, really, really happen!


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